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Casey Jones


Most ideas concocted in the pub are left there, forgotten about the next morning and fading away with the haze of a hangover… This is an exception. Three years ago this pair of Cardiff based DJ’s met up. Over a few beers and shared passion for D&B; Casey Jones was born. If the name rings a bell, all I’ll say is think of turtles who love pizza. So backflipping reptiles aside, who the hell are Casey Jones?! Gareth (Undersound) Evans, and Gareth (DJ Kooley) Winters are the driving forces behind this D&B duo. For the sake of this bio, I’ll refer to them as Gareth and Kooley, otherwise, this is about to get as confusing as a talking rat. Gareth is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist. Seriously, throw anything at him and he can play it. He is a full-time career musician, from playing in his own bands to writing and performing parts for well known D&B artists. He’s had hundreds of releases as Undersound and recently has become an apt photographer. Kooley is well known in the Welsh D&B Scene, he’s been DJing for 24 years and put on countless sell out nights. He’s warmed up for a long list of high-profile artists, notably for Andy C’s “All Night” event. Always keen to get involved, he has a cameo in High Contrasts video “The First Note is Silent”. Together as Casey Jones they delve into all styles of D&B, from using live sound recordings to continuously searching for something different to bring to the platform. The duo has had several releases including an EP’s on Hustle Audio and NexGen along with a feature track on Drumsound and Bassline Smiths’ Technique Recordings. Not ones to stay closed behind studio doors, they have also been doing the DJ rounds, performing at sell out events such as Playaz, Hospitality, Bedlam, Colourfest and not to forget close Casey Jones friends Concrete Junglists events. With Gareths musical knowledge and Kooleys seasoned DJ skills, Casey Jones is definitely one to watch, 2019 is looking to be their year. Bio by C McHugh



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