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Representing Incurzion Audio, DisKrete has been heavily involved in the scene for the last two years, supporting some of the most respected artists across a variety of venues. DisKrete has become known for his energetic sets and pin - point selection as well as the ability to read and interact with crowds leading to a chaotic atmosphere. Working tirelessly on his own productions, he has an army of forthcoming material on well respected record labels which are sure to shake up the dance. Hard work and persever ance has earned him the support of many artists/performers with consistent plays on radio stations/podcasts and even having his music spun internationally. What will he bring next?



Please get in touch via email

or by calling +44 (0) 1392 573 766


For press enquiries, international bookings and opportunities outside
of the platform please contact the booking agent.

managinG agent

Zachary Madison Harris

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