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MC XL is the one of the most booked and versatile hosts in the game right now. With a career spanning 10 years he’s gone from strength to strength, and it’s no surprise why. Beginning his career at one of Cardiff’s orginals Aperture, XL has built an unrivalled reputation for crowd rocking delivery, complex flows and meaningful lyrics. He’s the frontman at numerous major events across Cardiff, Swansea and Bristol, representing monster brands including Bedlam, Dazed, Got Bass and Canopy, with regular appearances at major UK festivals including El Dorado and Illusive. He first released on Different and followed up with releases on Flex Out Audio, Protect and Lifestyle Music, and let’s not forget he’s the founder and CEO of XL Invites, a fast growing drum n bass brand in the Welsh Capital. This man does not slow down. Don’t go big, Go XL.



Please get in touch via email

or by calling +44 (0) 1392 573 766


For press enquiries, international bookings and opportunities outside
of the platform please contact the booking agent.

managinG agent

Zachary Madison Harris

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