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Lion UK


LION-UK started his DJ career back in the late 80,s playing at acid house raves. appearing alongside DJ’s such as Grooverider, Fabio, JJ Frost & Ellis Dee. LION then began his journey through every uk genre, spinning early jungle & techno, JUNGLE in the 90,s UK Garage, Grime, Late 90’s into 2000+. After taking time out for a year LION then continued his quest back into the jungle dnb scene with releases on KLP records FLEX Records KEMET Records. JUNGLE FOUNDATION also host LION UK’s digital label X-SERIES. LION UK looks to take jungle to different levels.



Please get in touch via email

or by calling +44 (0) 1392 573 766


For press enquiries, international bookings and opportunities outside
of the platform please contact the booking agent.

managinG agent

Zachary Madison Harris

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