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Every artist we represent is well known for bringing the hype. These guys put the work into their sets and whther they've got a following of 1000, or 100,000 they promo hard.

Our artists love what they do,  they are well established, many promote and we're all part of a thriving community. We know this because we book them ourselves and attend shows with them.


Anyone you book through us will not only turn up and play, but promote your shows to their followings. Not because they have to, but because we all want to build the scene we work in.

Bring numbers, then bring the roof down on them.

It's a vibe thing.



Every photographer we have on our roster has been personally selected and approached by us as they have a unique ability to capture the madness at live at dance events.

These days it's as much about the photos as it is about the event itself, so it's vital your show has one of the best 'togs' (photographers) in the game to capture and showcase all your hard work, to build your following and get people back to the next show.

Everyone on our roster has a different style, so take time to choose who's right for your event, and your budget.


Plus they're all absolute heroes, they'll do you proud.





Forget the lengthy contracts, tech riders and all that other stuff. You're promoters, you know the drill. Pioneer NXS CDJs, Pioneer NXS Mixer, Sure Mic's, A decent Soundsystem, Monitors and you're set. 

Any  equipment below this standard may result in our artists being unable to play.

Any DJ who demands NXS2 s is a either clown or a diva.

When you book you'll need to pay 50% upfront to secure the date and timeslot. If you'd like the artist to play for longer than an hour, let us know on the booking form. All your bookings can be found in your online account.

We'll then work out travel. and invoice you for the final amount to be paid 7 days prior to your show. 

Travel is worked out at £0.35 per mile under 100 miles  from the artists/togs location. The first 5 miles being free. Simples that. Check booking pages for artist/photographer locations and rider info. However if you know a legend that can provide transport let us know on the form.

If there's anything you want to do on here but can't. Like maybe book a takeover, or if you've got an opportunity for one of the artists.

Drop us an email and we'll sort it out for you, or put you in touch!

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